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Note from Cassie


If you’ve been wondering where I am & why this blog/website hasn’t gotten updated in a while, it is because I’ve been working on growing my business to be a boudoir-only studio.

I will no longer be photographing weddings (other than some second shooting here & there).  I plan to keep this website up for a while longer.  Years of love, so much work, and working with/meeting amazing people made this business what it is and I cannot part with this website just yet. :-)

I am thankful for all of the wonderful couples who trusted me to capture their wedding days.  The wedding chapter of my business has been an incredible adventure!

If you would like to follow along with my work (or are looking for a boudoir photographer), please click on the logo below to visit my boudoir website.


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Adrianne & Tayler | Des Moines Wedding

Adrianne & Taylor have been married almost a year now…well, in November.  I am very late at posting this blog due to spending time on the boudoir side of my business.

I’m catching up, though and have 2 more lovely weddings to show you!

Today we’re starting with Adrianne & Taylor.  Looking through these photos again reminds me how beautiful, energetic, and wonderful their wedding day was!

We began the day with a “first look” at Walnut Woods.  The ceremony and reception complete with a mariachi band was held at West End Architectural Salvage in Des Moines.  The details were beautiful, unique, and completely them – there were flowers (including a floral crown) from one of my favorite florists The English Rose, a zombie painting of them in their wedding clothes, and did I mention a mariachi band?  The reception was filled with so much energy and dancing – it was impossible not to enjoy every minute of it!

Adrianne & Taylor themselves are simply amazing.

Since their wedding, we have stayed in touch and I’ve attended their open house for their new business adventure: Arcadian Tattoo.  I cannot say enough good things about these two, I wish them all the happiness life can bring!

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Ceremony & Reception Venue:  West End Architectural Salvage

Florist:  English Rose

Baker:  Creme Cupcake + Dessert

Dress:  David’s Bridal

DJ:  Mike Husted a.k.a Scratch Dub

Mariachi Band:  Mariachi Nuevo Sol (Chicago, no website)

Contact me for more information:

Sarah & Josh | Engagement at Ledges

Last Friday I met up with Sarah and Josh for their engagement photos at Ledges State Park.  Vincent joined us for the first few photos and I learned that there’s a character in Dragon Tales that shares my name (naturally she’s the pink one & Wikipedia tells me she’s prone to worrying).

Every now and then when doing photos with families, I’ll usually say something about getting in close and acting like you love each other.  Vincent completely melted my heart with “Of course we love each other, we’re a family!”… He’s such a cutie!


After a few photos, Vincent went to hang out with a family friend and I got to hang out with Sarah & Josh for a while!  Pretty sure they had me laughing the whole time – I cannot wait for their wedding in June!!



We thought we were done for the day…however we had to pull over for just one more with a sunset like this!

SARAH-JOSH055I am still currently booking 2015 weddings!


Product Spotlight: Deluxe Wedding Album


Introducing: the deluxe wedding album!

I absolutely LOVE these albums!  So much, in fact, it is the same kind of album we purchased for our wedding.  There are a variety of cover options plus you can add on embossing or a cut-out on the cover (like this one).  If you would like to see this beauty in person, contact me to schedule a consultation!  Until then, here are some more photos:products042products048products047products044



Heather & Neal | Ames, Iowa Wedding

Heather & Neal’s wedding day was absolutely beautiful! I knew it would be – Heather is quite the planner and kept me up to date on some of the details during the planning process, so it was wonderful to see everything come together! Neal is so incredibly kind and it has been a joy to be able to document his and Heather’s love for each other. They were married on a slightly rainy day in June at St. Thomas Aquinas church in Ames, Iowa, followed by some photos on Iowa State University’s campus, and then finishing off with the reception at Prairie Moon Winery. The details were perfect with a globe “guestbook”, delicious pie (the strawberry rhubarb was fantastic), cowgirl boots, and luscious flowers – but more importantly the day was full of laughter, happy tears, and the celebration of two pretty awesome people. Congrats to Heather & Neal – always wishing you happiness in the many years to come!

wpid1884-heather-neal-ames-iowa-wedding001.jpgheather-neal-ames-iowa-wedding1wpid1886-heather-neal-ames-iowa-wedding002.jpgwpid1888-heather-neal-ames-iowa-wedding003.jpgwpid1890-heather-neal-ames-iowa-wedding004.jpgwpid1892-heather-neal-ames-iowa-wedding005.jpgwpid1894-heather-neal-ames-iowa-wedding006.jpgwpid1896-heather-neal-ames-iowa-wedding007.jpgwpid1898-heather-neal-ames-iowa-wedding008.jpgwpid1900-heather-neal-ames-iowa-wedding009.jpgheather-neal-ames-iowa-wedding3wpid1904-heather-neal-ames-iowa-wedding011.jpgwpid1912-heather-neal-ames-iowa-wedding015.jpgwpid1910-heather-neal-ames-iowa-wedding014.jpgwpid1914-heather-neal-ames-iowa-wedding016.jpgwpid1920-heather-neal-ames-iowa-wedding019.jpgwpid1918-heather-neal-ames-iowa-wedding018.jpgwpid1922-heather-neal-ames-iowa-wedding020.jpgwpid1932-heather-neal-ames-iowa-wedding025.jpgwpid1934-heather-neal-ames-iowa-wedding026.jpgwpid1936-heather-neal-ames-iowa-wedding027.jpgwpid1938-heather-neal-ames-iowa-wedding028.jpgwpid1943-heather-neal-ames-iowa-wedding030.jpgwpid1947-heather-neal-ames-iowa-wedding032.jpgwpid1941-heather-neal-ames-iowa-wedding029.jpgheather-neal-ames-iowa-wedding5heather-neal-ames-iowa-wedding6wpid1957-heather-neal-ames-iowa-wedding037.jpgwpid1945-heather-neal-ames-iowa-wedding031.jpgheather-neal-ames-iowa-wedding7heather-neal-ames-iowa-wedding8wpid1960-heather-neal-ames-iowa-wedding038.jpgwpid1966-heather-neal-ames-iowa-wedding041.jpgwpid1964-heather-neal-ames-iowa-wedding040.jpgwpid1962-heather-neal-ames-iowa-wedding039.jpgwpid2000-heather-neal-ames-iowa-wedding081.jpgwpid1968-heather-neal-ames-iowa-wedding042.jpgwpid1970-heather-neal-ames-iowa-wedding043.jpgwpid1972-heather-neal-ames-iowa-wedding044.jpgwpid1974-heather-neal-ames-iowa-wedding045.jpgheather-neal-ames-iowa-wedding10wpid1980-heather-neal-ames-iowa-wedding048.jpgwpid1978-heather-neal-ames-iowa-wedding047.jpgwpid1976-heather-neal-ames-iowa-wedding046.jpgwpid1949-heather-neal-ames-iowa-wedding033.jpgIf you’re planning a wedding for 2015, I would love to talk to you about wedding photography and see if we’re a good match!

Contact me today!


-Vendor Love-

Ceremony: St. Thomas Aquinas Church in Ames, Iowa

Reception: Prairie Moon Winery

Caterer: B Fabulous BBQ

Florist: Coe’s Floral & Gifts

Brand of Dress: Casablanca

DJ: Black Tie Beats

Iowa Wedding Receptions | The Toasts

Back to the wedding highlights series: today we’re focusing on toasts!  These are the moments where I tear up during your sister’s speech or I enjoy a laugh along with you and your family as the best man tells all of those stories.  These are the photos with pure happiness: the laughs, the tears, and the love that come with a wedding day.

Here are a few of my favorites from my past weddings:

wpid1864-iowa-wedding-photography-moments024.jpg wpid1854-iowa-wedding-photography-moments019.jpg wpid1844-iowa-wedding-photography-moments014.jpgwpid1832-iowa-wedding-photography-moments008.jpg wpid1822-iowa-wedding-photography-moments003.jpg wpid1824-iowa-wedding-photography-moments004.jpgwpid1673-iowa-fall-wedding39.jpgwpid1860-iowa-wedding-photography-moments022.jpg

halley-brian0282aidah-chris-desmoines-iowa-wedding059wpid1820-iowa-wedding-photography-moments002.jpgwpid1830-iowa-wedding-photography-moments007.jpgwpid1834-iowa-wedding-photography-moments009.jpgwpid1856-iowa-wedding-photography-moments020.jpgwpid1818-iowa-wedding-photography-moments001.jpgwpid1866-iowa-wedding-photography-moments025.jpgI cannot wait to hear and capture these moments at your wedding!  Contact me for more information on wedding packages!

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Adrianne & Taylor | Des Moines Engagement

This particular Sunday was so much fun!  I have met with Adrianne a couple times now so I already knew she was fantastic, however it was the first time I met Taylor and I have to say I’m impressed.  They are so very wonderful together and we had so many adventures in just a couple hours time wandering around Downtown Des Moines, finding our way up on a parking ramp, and then spending some time in tall grass at Water Works Park!  We only have to wait until October for their wedding… I’m so excited to celebrate with them!

wpid1730-atengagement01.jpgwpid1732-atengagement02.jpgwpid1734-atengagement03.jpgwpid1736-atengagement04.jpgwpid1738-atengagement05.jpgwpid1740-atengagement06.jpgwpid1742-atengagement07.jpgwpid1744-atengagement08.jpgwpid1746-atengagement09.jpgwpid1749-atengagement10.jpgwpid1751-atengagement11.jpgwpid1753-atengagement12.jpgwpid1759-atengagement15.jpgwpid1755-atengagement13.jpgwpid1757-atengagement14.jpgwpid1761-atengagement16.jpgCurrently booking 2015 weddings!  Fill out the contact form below for more info:

Adrianne & Taylor | One Photo

Sunday was perfect.  I hung out with two people who make hanging out on top of a parking ramp look amazing…

There are plenty more to come, but just one for now:
des-moines-engagement-session01There are a couple other sneak peeks on Facebook, so make sure to take a look at those as well!


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