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Wedding Tips | Outside Weddings & Heels

I love outside weddings.  Just this August, Will and I were married under a willow tree and it was absolutely amazing (though I am a bit biased)!

We all know that getting married outside will lead to different obstacles.  First of all, when you tell your friends, family, guests, etc. that your wedding will be held out-of-doors, their first question will probably be “What if it rains?”  And what if it does?  Naturally every blog/website is going to remind you to have a back-up plan.  However, this blog post isn’t about the weather.  It’s about that other obstacle…the grass.

There’s always the easy solution: don’t wear heels.  I, however, refused to listen because I really really wanted to wear my coral heels (see photo above).  Pretty, aren’t they?  Luckily there are these handy little things called SoleMates.

I was talking to one of my brides and she hadn’t heard of these little gems, which made me think maybe it’s time to spread the word a little.  They come in different colors and sizes as well as allow you to walk a little more easily on grass, rocks, and other terrain that may threaten your balance while in heels.

So, if you’re an outside bride who cannot give up her heels, a guest at a wedding, or just have a love of heels, then I highly recommend these SoleMates.

Side note: I have no affiliation with this company, I just like their product.

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