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Iowa Wedding Receptions | Just Dance!

I recently got some feedback from one of my lovely brides:  “I would make sure you show people your photos of the wedding dances. I was really impressed with ours. Most of the time those photos turn out to be just a mass of people and nothing you’d want to actually hang up but we had so many good shots of people dancing. It was actually quite entertaining to look through them.” – Amanda B.

So this is the beginning of blogs highlighting different parts of my past weddings.  Yep, we’re starting backwards with the dancing!



Reception pictures are some of my favorites!  There is just so much joy when couples are celebrating with their family and friends around!  Plus, I do love to dance and cannot pass up the chance to join in when the Cupid Shuffle starts…I’ve been known to even listen to it while editing reception pictures.


Sit back, relax, and take a look at a few of the fabulous people I have had the honor of dancing with:

I’m looking forward to dancing with you soon!  Click below to find out more information

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